"Life is not a fantasy; Reality is always opposite of it."

"Life is not a fantasy; Reality is always opposite of it."

Few axiom and anecdote shared from a special person which helps me to become more realistic towards life and come out of my fantasies:

"We can talk so freely to a person as a friend but when it starts getting little higher than normal friendship, both parties start getting judgmental and things turn lil berserk''

"Oscar Wilde said that a boy and a girl can never be friends until they have a repulsive power”

"Anything will happen but parents are parents....above all the Godly figure....."

"As per Calvin, happiness is a short term stupid self interest..."

"According to Karla, happiness is a myth invented to make us buy things"

"According to Will Smith, there is no "Y" in happiness but it’s always "I".

"Luck is what happens to you when fate gets tired of waiting"

"People are selfish; they want FRONT of a bus, BACK of a church and CENTRE of attention"

"Silence is a revenge of a tortured man"  

According to me: “Silence is a revenge to torture a man”.

"It’s hard to be religious when certain people never get incinerated by the bolts of lightning"

"Happiness is a myth invented to make us buy things"

"Virtue isn't better than vice, it’s just different"

"Life is a lot more fun if you're not responsible for your actions"

"A person isn't who they are during the last conversation you had with them; they are who they've been during the entire relationship"

"Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge."

"Sometimes you got to tuck your feelings away until it's the right time. Like stuffing dollars into a piggy bank for a bike you can't quite afford. And you never know, may be when you crack open that piggy bank, you'll find that all this time you haven't been saving for a bike. You've really been saving for a Harley"

"The greater the trust, the greater the betrayal"

"Truth is, people you really love and care always makes you cry and you always have to forgive them with all your heart.......because there is no act so despicable as to hate somebody with all the wrong reasons..."

"One of the reasons why we crave for love & seek it so desperately, is that love is the only cure for loneliness & shame & sorrow. But some feelings sink so deep into the heart that only loneliness can help you find them again. Some truths about you are so painful that only shame can help you live with them. And some things are just so sad that only your soul can do the crying for you."

"At first, when we truly love someone, our greatest fear is that the loved one will stop loving us.
What we should fear and dread instead is that we won't stop loving them, even after they are dead and gone."

"Nothing in any life, no matter how well or poorly lived, is wiser than failure or clearer than sorrow."

"People always hurt us with their trust. The surest way to hurt someone you like is to put all your trust in him.”

"Loves are like that.
You heart starts to feel like an overcrowded lifeboat.
You throw your pride out to keep it afloat and then your self-respect and independence.
After a while, you start throwing people out - your friends and everyone you used to know.
And it's still not enough.
The lifeboat is still sinking, and you know it's going to take you down with it."

"One always FALLS in Love...nobody can RISE in Love"

"Be wise but don't tell it to anyone."

"Forgive but never forget."

"Better to be trusted than liked."

"Don't try to be too courteous and kind. People never value things available easily."

"Better to be despised for what you are than liked for what you are not."

"Never read beauty magazines, they make you feel ugly."

"Funny thing with people is that they ditch you when you need 'em most and they support you when you've never expected 'em to be. Leave 'em on their own.''

"Don't call people "moron" on the face. You'll be doomed.
Show 'em indirectly instead, they'll never get it and you will still have an upbeat moral."

"Don't worry about things you don't know, what gets you into trouble are things you know for sure and that ain't so."

"People who talk about hope should take a leisurely stroll at the corridors of mental asylum."

"One should value personal space and freedom more than the traditions we are raised by”.

"Expectation is too big a word to ask for. Sometimes you raise it and sometimes you have to lower the same."

"Marriage is more about celebrating differences than counting similarities."