Poetry Vedic:: The Five Elements (First Volume) - ETHER AND AIR

Poetry Vedic:: The Five Elements (First Volume)
Anosha Prema

Poem 1
Illusionof the mind takes place,
Have fun,
And enslave you.
Plays, obscure
The Game of shadows
And the shadow believed to have life.
Of disillusionment
The soul is freed,
The light shines and manifests,
Life truly happen

Poem 2
The Swamiji’s Satsang

This beautiful Sunday evening
Seeing the horizon the sun goes down
At the sound of the pulley
(wheel powered by water)…chuaaaaaá…
Between shades of sky blue, saffron and rose tea,

Gray and indigo invade my eyes.
Stars appear in the sky.
The crescent moon opens its shiny silver and smile for me.
Everything in the Universe is preparing to enter the night.
Between twilight and the sound of the sitar
– Silent –
Master Guru Satsang with Swamiji will start.
And behold, the message is very clear, obvious and simple:
“Our life is dance, poetry is, is music, is to share.”
Health and abundance, vitality and youthfulness is only caring.
Love yourself and learn to love,
Take care and be able to care…
Hari OM
Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

Poem 3
Breathing is...
Giving and receiving
Flowing in abundance of life
The reborn every breath you
With each exhalation you die
Every breath an experience happens,
Life flows a share becomes an exchange
Allows the existing flow born to live and die.
Just breathing life exists
Only you breathing is present
Breathing are…
It is to share
Is trade
You multiply
It is transforming
You live in abundance
It is relaxing in the living trust
You give and take
Its Divine gift
You bless and be bessed
Is there
You be you.
Breathing and
“Live and let live”