You are designed to bounce back!!

You are designed to bounce back!!
Dr. Gayatri Ajay Upadhyay

There is a lot in life that we are not meant to take seriously -- our nasty boss, for instance, or an unkind colleague who put us down. 

Why remember those who never valued us in the first place? Why recall repeatedly, all those occasions when we were slighted or overlooked? 

We were never meant to take these things to heart. And yet we keep running into folks who are discouraged by the slightest thing. There is something inbuilt into life itself that could help us overcome trials and difficulties – a kind of survival mechanism that supports us, teaching us to keep boosting ourselves and our self esteem, particularly when faced with flak. 

People are often judging us from a perspective that is narrow. So what if the first draft did not make the mark? What if I failed in a task, or if I did not measure up to the expectations of my colleagues? What if I was not as successful as others would like me to be? 

The calm, measured life that I have chosen to lead – no matter if it appears drab and dull to some -- may have been rich in content in ways that is not comprehendible to them. Maybe I am not right on top in my career; maybe my ambitions did not drive me to always be on the top. Perhaps I was like a neutral figure in an organisation that made heroes of straw men. Perhaps, too, I am remembered for other, more enduring qualities like kindness and compassion? 

As I look back, I wonder if it was that rebuff that made me work harder and with greater concentration. It was the downgrade I received that made me assess myself more realistically and helped me build on my real individual strengths and resources. It was the unkindness of others or the cutting remarks made, that made me value myself even more. 

Life has so many facets and we do our best to simplify our responses and to unravel its complexities. The process is sometimes long and we are prone to discouragement on the way. But as we travel and journey along, we become more hopeful. 

Experiences are always many-sided. The human mind can sometimes focus on a string of negativities. But the same human mind can look at a string of positives, building up faith and hope. 

The discouraged person will always find a sympathetic ear, timely advice, and reaffirmation from significant others and unconditional acceptance by those who by their very existence encourage people along the way. So, when we are tired and have reached the end of our tether, we get a helping hand and are uplifted on the way. 

Life calls all of us to be encouragers. We can do this well only when we ourselves have been through the pain of rejection and yet survive to emerge accomplished in other ways. We are after all co-travelers on the voyage of life. 

Just think: What would have happened if life did not survive the thousands of trials and errors that have gone into the making of it? To succeed like Edison after the 1000th trial in making the electric bulb is akin to all the other experiences of life -- repeated failure, perseverance and success. 

As it is so well said, we might only be a hit away from striking gold, so we need to keep at it, no matter how discouraged we are and feel.

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