You don't have to be a doctor to save life. Donate blood!!

You don't have to be a doctor to save life. Donate blood!! 

Just keep in mind that the shelf life of donated blood is 42 days according to The Food and Drug Administration. It allows refrigerated blood to be stored for 42 only for transfusion.

A study involving 6002 heart surgery patients over eight years found that those who were given blood that had been stored more than 14 days suffered morecomplications and deaths than those given fresh blood.

~Facts about blood:

One pint of blood can save upto 3 lives.

Aphoresis is a special kind of blood donation that allows a donor to give specific blood components.

Life of components of donated blood:
42 days » Most donated Red blood cells can be stored.
5 days » Most donated Platelets can be stored.
1 year » Frozen plasma can be stored.

13 tests (11 for infectious diseases) are performed on each unit of donated blood.

46.5 gallons: Amount of blood you could donate if you begin at the age of 17 and donate every 56 days until you reach 79 years old.

After donating blood, you replace the fluid in hours and the red blood cells within 4 weeks. It takes 8 weeks to restore the iron lost after donation.

10 pints: Amount of blood in the body of an average adult.

Blood makes up 7% of the body weight.

A newborn baby has about one cup of blood in his body.

Giving blood will not decrease your strength.

4 easy steps to donate blood: Medical history, quick physical examination, donation and snacks. 

Donate today and make a difference in life.